If you’re one of the more than 800 property owners living in a Mark Saunders home, you have no reason to be concerned about the amicably settled Mark Saunders lawsuit because it had no bearing on the quality of homes created by the company managed by Saunders, Mark Saunders Luxury Homes.

The Mark Saunders lawsuit simply had to do with questions over who is responsible for property assessment fees associated with Ocean Ridge Plantation—a residential beach and golf club community in coastal North Carolina featuring four championship golf courses, world-class amenities and exquisitely designed homes.

The series of events leading to the lawsuit began when the governance of the association was turned over to board members elected by the property owners. Prior to turnover, the developer had contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the association, allowing it to build healthy reserves, and as allowed by North Carolina law, the restrictive covenants call for the developer to be exempt from property assessments. Unfortunately, after the association was turned over to board members elected by property owners, the exemption provision was overlooked, and developer companies managed by Mark Saunders were billed and paid for assessments on home sites they owned.

While the resolved Mark Saunders lawsuit isn’t related to the creation or quality of Mark Saunders homes and communities, The Coastal Companies wants its constituents to know that it takes lawsuits very seriously and ensured this one was handled properly.

Nothing about the amicably settled Mark Saunders lawsuit changes the fact that Mark Saunders designs and builds high-quality homes and communities in Brunswick County, North Carolina. Under his management, Mark Saunders develops award-winning communities that provide the perfect combination of a luxurious and coastal lifestyle such as Ocean Ridge Plantation.

Thanks to four championship-level, Big Cats golf courses, beautiful beaches, and an atmosphere that is unlike any other, Ocean Ridge Plantation is one of the most sought after communities in southeastern North Carolina.

Besides providing the Tar Heel State with one of its most gorgeous places to live, Ocean Ridge Plantation has also helped the economy of Brunswick County grow. Ocean Ridge Plantation’s golf courses create numerous jobs for the local community.

If you’re someone who loves the beach, golf, incredible amenities, and total relaxation, Ocean Ridge Plantation could be the perfect fit for you. Creating a country-club atmosphere with a coastal climate and culture, it’s easy to see why many of Mark Saunders’ properties are highly recognized and awarded.