Mark Saunders Developer Dialogue: Hole No. 3 at Lion’s Paw

mark saunders lawsuitDesigned and built by companies managed by developer Mark Saunders, Ocean Ridge Plantation is more than just beautiful coastal homes and world-class amenities, it’s also home to four award-winning Big Cats golf courses that feature lavish landscapes and pristine fairways.

The first of these championship-level golf courses to be built at Ocean Ridge Plantation was Lion’s Paw, which has a par 3 third hole that can make golfers feel like they’re entering a lion’s den.

The stunning hole No. 3 at Lion’s Paw is 178 yards to the pin from the white tees, but in order to get there, golfers must sail their ball over a wide lake that makes the hole as scenic as it is challenging.

The gleaming oyster shells that surround the lake add to its aesthetic beauty, which is best captured from a bird’s-eye view. When looking at Lion’s Paw from the air, the green and its surrounding sand traps form a giant lion’s paw, which helps make it one of the most photographed golf holes in the area.

Lion’s Paw No. 3 can challenge even the most experienced golfers. It allows for little margin of error and has plenty of risks throughout the hole. For those looking to take the safe approach, developer Mark Saunders recommends aiming for the area of the green that is to the left and back of the hole. However, being just a little off with your shot can still result in ending up in the bunker, especially if there’s a little wind involved.

Besides its level of difficulty and unique design, golfers also love Lion’s Paw No. 3 because of its memorable scenery. The right side of the lake is lined with majestic oak trees, and at least one of those trees is home to a bald eagle that can be seen snatching fish out of the water on occasion.

The best part about Lion’s Paw is that it’s located on the premises of Ocean Ridge Plantation, which is in the lovely confines of Sunset Beach, North Carolina. This residential golf and beach club community has luxurious custom homes, protected woodlands, and miles of trails that can be walked and biked. Its developer Mark Saunders had the highest standards in mind when designing and building this coastal community, and it shows in the overall atmosphere at Ocean Ridge.

So if you enjoy beautiful homes, top-notch amenities, and championship-level golf, you’ll love Ocean Ridge Plantation, the pride of developer Mark Saunders.

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